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Online Marketing

Comparing products and services has never been so simple as today. In order to be relevant in today's crowded marketplace, it's a must to be online. Consumers are spending a good bit of time on the internet. This is why you should care about your online marketing.

Having an easy to edit, search optimized website with the ability to change information quickly via notebook, tablet or smart phone is what can differentiate you from your competition. In addition to your website being active on social media and using e-mail will increase your marketing success.

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Print advertisements

People are inundated daily with millions of advertisements. In order not to get lost in the media jungle, companies must take advantage of extraordinary graphic design.

Whether this is related to posters, brochures, flyers or business cards, memorable eye-catching design will help you to build an emotional connection with your target audience.

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Mobile UI & UX Design

Enhanced user satisfaction with a beautiful, clean, mobile optimized website or mobile application which is easy to edit and intuitive to use.

Responsive Websites

Fully responsive websites fit perfectly on desktops, tablets & smart phones.


Search engine optimized websites will increase your rank on search engines like google. Easy editing of search terms will help you to reach your target group.

Intuitive Usability

Present your work on any device with high functionality and an intuitive user interface which is easy to use.

Mobile Appplications

You have an idea for an app? Conception, design and promotion of your Mobile UI.

State of the art

Following latest trends in media design and marketing will ensure that your website, landing page or mobile app design is visually compelling and state of the art.

Joyful User Experience

Target group analysis will build the base for an emotional connection between the design and the user. 


About us

We consider design as an interdisciplinary field based on the needs of people. Therefore, it's important to follow design principles and rules but also to focus on expectations, needs and goals of your target audience.

The amount of media to choose from has never been greater than today. We help our clients to differentiate between their company or brand with unique marketing communication.

Limbitech is a Media Design & Marketing Agency led by Saša Kadrijević and Dea Jeršan Kadrijević. Saša finished his Bachelor degree in Media Design at RFH Köln (Germany) and also completed his Masters degree in Media & Design Management at Hochschule RheinMain in Wiesbaden (Germany). Dea has completed her Master degree in Health Care Management and Interior Design in Rijeka (Croatia). Since 2009 we enjoy helping clients to improve their marketing communication.

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Saša Kadrijević, M. A.
Saša Kadrijević, M. A.

Saša Kadrijević, M. A.

Director & Head of Design
Dea Jeršan Kadrijević
Dea Jeršan Kadrijević

Dea Jeršan Kadrijević

mag. admin. sanit. | Interior Designer
Saša Kadrijević, M. A.

Saša Kadrijević, M. A.

Director & Head of Design
Dea Jeršan Kadrijević

Dea Jeršan Kadrijević

mag. admin. sanit. | Interior Designer

Some companies we have worked for

Infineon Technologies


We love what we do and we enjoy helping you with our diverse range of services.


Present your brand or company with a modern, creative and visually compelling website which is easy to customize.

Corporate Design

Differentiate your Corporate Identity from your competition with unique business cards, brochures, letters, flyers and posters.

Graphic Design

Raise awareness among your target audience with graphic design that is precisely tailored to your needs.

UI/UX Design

Enhanced user satisfaction for your website or mobile app with usability improvements and design that meets your needs, expectations and goals.

Interior Design

Present your Interior with high quality 3D visualizations. Impress your clients with state of the art Interior Design trends and innovative solutions.   

3D Visualization

Improve your marketing approach with 3D images & animations that show your product from the perfect angle.


Work examples

We are pleased to present some of our latest projects.

Gym Interior Design
Space Exploration
Space Colony Design
Gym Interior Design
Interior Design for DHZ Fitness
Information Architecture
Mobile App for Room Escape Games
UI design for a medical app
GUI for a sci-fi destkop game
Branding for Audax Equestrian
Branding for Villa Borik
Trifold Brochure for Audax Equestrian
Website for Photographer Filip Radic
LWN Android App Design
Responsive Website for photographer Filip Radic
Poster Design
Business cards for Villa Borik
Category Design for Amazon.de
Coffee mug for Villa Borik
Mobile App Development

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